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  Have you ever met someone and immediately fallen in love with them, before you even know ANYTHING about them!? That’s exactly how it was with Aaron + Shaunte. The best part!? We met AT a wedding. Karl + Brittney’s  wedding in Lake Chelan to be exact. Shaunte was one of Brittney’s bridesmaids and part of her family, and the […]

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with this as my profession, it’s that it never lets you down. Every time I leave the house for a session, those familiar butterflies fill my tummy and my fingers shake a little from the first moment I lift my camera. Maybe they’re the nervous shakes, but I really believe that […]

I don’t even know where to start with words that are adequate enough to describe my love for Karl and Brittney and their wedding day. First of all, they chose a place hours away from the city they call home to serve as the place to start their MARRIAGE and I couldn’t have been more […]

I’m pretty sure some of my very first memories of Tyler are of his piano recitals when he was still in middle school. I remember the duets he used to play with my brother, and all the shenanigans they were always up to. Whether it was double digit hours of road trips to Sunriver, Oregon, […]

There’s a big difference between a beautiful wedding day…and a magic wedding day. Ryan and Michelle have been a dream to work with since our very first conversation last winter when Michelle called and we talked for an endless period of time about her relationship with Ryan and their wedding dreams! Let me just say…I have been looking forward […]