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I remember being a little girl, watching Anne of Green Gables over and over, wondering what it would be like to have a friendship like Anne and Diana. I remember watching it, trying to really decipher what a “bosom friend” was. Because, you see…I’d never experienced that. I say that in past tense because early […]

The MARC that is located in the old Pateros grocery store is up and running. It has been absolutely amazing to watch it all come together. It is a work-in-progress & so incredible to see day by day the hard work paying off. You will see regular faces who are there day after day. . […]

One of my very favorite parts about life is the ability to share in friendship. The radical idea that the Lord created us for community and created us to unite together as friends just blows me away. When the Lord brought Jessica into my life, He just blessed me immeasurably more than I ever could […]

I could spend hours telling you about this beauty. But I’m going to try my best to condense my words and just tell you what I see. She walks into the room, her 5’10” stature and just radiates. She’s like a lightbulb. When she walks in the room, it lights up with this contagious joy […]